We take pride on manufacturing and selling only the best copper products we can possibly offer.

Hand made copper alembics, that are not only beautiful to display but are completely functional, allowing you to make wonderful spirits to enjoy at home with family and friends, as well as producing essential oils that can be used in so many various ways and scientifically proven fields in this day and age.

We don’t believe in saving on quality and instead we have only Premium hand made copper alembics available, that if cared for will last you a life time. Why buy cheap economy products made with thinner copper sheets that will start to leak after you use them a few times, when you can buy once and have this beautiful quality artisanal distiller that can last through generations and be passed down to your loved ones.

We believe in selling quality items at a reasonable competitive price, please contact us to learn more if you wish to distribute our products and receive our price list.

We take pride on manufacturing and selling only the best  

copper products



In this fast paced world, It’s great to get back to ancient traditions and these copper products are unique representatives of the true Portuguese Heritage, the very heart and soul of what we love, fine works of art, beautifully handmade, perfectly functional for making your own alcoholic beverages or essential oils and hydrolats.

We have been in the business of manufacturing copper alembics for 3 generations now. Ours is a family business. We would sell at local markets, to farmers and bar owners, and slowly but surely we built a name for ourselves and decided to visit other towns and begin selling all around the country. We have decided to now expand internationally via the internet because we must keep up with the times, and this will be a great way to let our product be known.
Many hours of hard labour go into building just one of these copper pieces. Our artisans hands can truly show what it takes to make this possible but when you love your work, it shows and we are certain you will appreciate the beauty in our products.
We use only the best copper sheets, 100% lead free soldering and when you compare our alembics to other products available on the market, the difference is notable, both in terms of copper thickness and weight, as well as the craftsmanship. First and foremost, what matters to us is customer satisfaction, and maintaining the good name we built and work hard to keep. For this reason we only manufacture and sell Premium quality products and not the Economy thinner versions available from various competitors. We understand there is a market for these products but we take too much pride in our work to sell lesser quality products. We hope you will appreciate our products that are reasonably marked at competitive prices, and with our Distributor discount, you will be able to sell our products in your own country and together we can build a solid long lasting working partnership.

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A rivet is a small metal pin used to join together separate pieces of metal.
In ancient times, all decorative metalwork used to be executed with a hammer. The separate parts of each item were processed and hammered out, then put together using rivets, back when soldering had not yet been invented.
Rivets have been used in various metal constructions, including airplanes, ships, steam engines etc. These connections have proven to be very reliable throughout the times.
Today, welding or soldering has almost completely replaced rivets but some people prefer this type of construction and it is available with most of our products selection.


The soldering method which is used to join metallic pieces together , is done by applying heat directly to the metal.
Soldered alembics require slightly thicker copper sheets and unlike the riveted union alembics, the three parts that make up the pot are brass soldered, so there is no need to use a linseed solution in this case. The parts of the alembic that are soldered are then hand hammered again so that the copper may regain its resistance and maintain its strength.
All our alembic stills are soldered using copper, brass, 100% lead-free tin or silver. These types of solder are perfectly safe and are commonly used for soldering products that are then used for food and beverages. We take pride in guaranteeing that our alembics are 100 % Lead free, and we only supply the best there is to offer.


Before you use your alembic still for the first time, regardless of its model, we recommend that you process a distillation of water to clean away any impurities that have been left behind from the manufacturing process. Afterwards, it is essential that you maintain your still clean so that it will last for many years.
If you use your still just once a year, you should make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned before storing it away for next year’s distillation. The cleaning process will eliminate any sulphuric acids and other harmful substances that may have collected on the walls of your alembic still. You can carry out a cleaning distillation using a mixture of rye flour and water. This can be done easily. Simply fill 40% of your pots capacity with water and  5% rye flour. Before you begin a cleaning distillation you should check that there is no obstruction in the swan neck pipe or serpentine coil. The joints of the alembic should be sealed using a traditional sealing technique once you have placed the hood on the alembic.
If you use your alembic still frequently, you do not have to clean it out with rye flour and water. A single distillation using only water will be fine.
With regular use and as time goes by, copper oxidizes and will gradually take on a darker colour. If you wish to polish the exterior we suggest you use an appropriate non-toxic polish. It is vital you do not use abrasive cleaners. You may also clean your pot using one of two traditional methods: By rubbing a cloth dampened in a salt and lemon solution; or use the ashes from the wood fire (if you used this as your heating source) on a damp cloth. This last method can be used for both the interior and exterior of the alembic still.
If you are using your alembic still to make essential oils – be aware that the oils will stick to the walls of the pot and copper coil and will start to form a sticky crust. You should always clean all the parts of your still with warm water to eliminate any grease, especially in the condensing coil or it may clog with time.
Please note that alembics used to produce essential oils should not be used to make alcoholic spirits, as oils will naturally become impregnated in the copper and influence the alcoholic distillate which may become improper for human consumption.


If you would like more information on our wide range of products, wish to look at our price lists or would like to find out how you can purchase our products at a whole sale price for distribution, please contact us and we will send you all the information you require including price lists and our terms and conditions. In order to apply to become a distributor of our products, you must have a registered business, retail store or website.
We can also Drop ship directly to your door, or your customers door, you just have to send us an email and we will send you all the information.





Is there anything you would like but can’t find on our website? Contact us here and we can help! We can custom make your copper models and designs in many sizes, and we will make sure we provide you with any other accessories you might need to complement your distilling needs. You ask, we provide.
Please be aware that sizes can vary slightly with our products and may differ from the photos we have on the website. When dealing with hand crafted products, no two alembics are ever identical but we work hard to ensure quality and safety with every product we manufacture, using 100% lead free solder and providing you with a professional customer service and detailed information on cleaning and maintaining your equipment so it lasts through the years. We are here to clarify any doubts and answer all your questions.

Are your Alembics made with 100% copper?
With the exception of our soldered joints which may be of copper, brass, tin or silver all our handcrafted units are made of 100% copper of the highest quality.
Do your products come with a guarantee?
All our products come with a guarantee. Generally the guarantee period is for two years. Our guarantee does not cover improper use of the alembics or systems that have been modified.
Is distilling safe?
All our alembics are manufactured in accordance with safety and security measures. The distillation process however may involve some risks which may be minimized by paying careful attention to the basic distillation laws. The greatest risk is the danger of fire due to the proximity of flammable liquids to the heat source. Also if there is an obstruction in the tubing of the alembic there may be some pressure build-up. Don’t overlook all these factors.
Is distilling illegal?
In some countries yes others not. Different countries may have different laws and some may allow the home-distiller to distil small quantities or require a commercial licence. It is the client’s responsibility to be informed of the laws that apply in their own countries. Our company does not hold itself responsible for the improper use of our alembics.
What is the column capacity on the flip top column alembics?
The column capacity is approximately 80% of the alembics total capacity in Liters. We cannot state how many kilos of organic material will fit inside; each material is different in weight and volume.

How much water should I fill the pot with when beginning distillation?
The pot should have 40% of its total capacity filled with water for regular distillations. When distilling wine, or other liquids, the pot can be filled up to 80% of the total capacity.
Can I use the same alembic for making alcohol and essential oils?
We do not recommend the use of the same equipment for both making alcoholic beverages and extraction of essential oils. If you have used an alembic for essential oils, no matter how well the unit is cleaned afterwards, the oils always leave behind residue that can be harmful and prejudicial to humans. For this reason, we recommend the use of two different equipments, one for alcohol, and one for essential oils.
What type / amounts of results will I achieve from a distillation?
The results will vary depending on what you are distilling and what methods you are using.
What about customs duties or import taxes?
If you are not a resident of the European Union you may be liable for customs or import tax in your country for goods exceeding a certain value. Rates are very much dependant on the law and its application in your country or state. It is the client’s responsibility to be informed of the laws that apply in their own country or state.

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